A photo of Jesus taken from miracle image on his burial cloth, The Shroud of Turin. This is the real face of Jesus.

The Real Picture of JESUS

There are many Pictures of Jesus Christ, but the Jesus Picture you see above is believed by millions to be a true photograph of Jesus, obtained from the miraculous image on a long piece of cloth believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus or the Shroud of Jesus. Pictures of Jesus Images on the Shroud of Turin are real photos of Jesus miraculosly imprinted on his burial cloth by a flash of light during his Resuruction. The picture of Jesus from the Shroud of Turin images is known as the 'Holy Face of Jesus'

This burial cloth of Jesus is kept in John Baptist Church, Turin and is commonly referred to as the 'Shroud of Turin' or the 'Turin Shroud. The picture of Jesus obtained from the Shroud of Turin is known as the 'Holy Face of Jesus'.

In a major shift of Vatican policy, Pope Benedict XVI, in his book "Jesus of Nazareth - Part 2" released on 10th March 2011, wrote that the Turin Shroud is a 'RELIC'. This is a major shift for the Church in Vatican, since all this while, successive Popes always referred to the Shroud of Turin as an "Icon". By saying that the Shroud of Turin is a 'Relic', they are almost admitting that the Shroud of Turin is the genuine burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

The burial cloth or Shroud of Jesus is the most researched piece of cloth in the history of mankind. The image on the Holy Shroud is actually a negative, like the photo negative of the old 35mm film cameras. So the actual image on this long piece of linen cloth is not very clear to the human eyes. It is only when this negative is converted into a positive print, that the true, perfect life like photo of Jesus appears. This miraculous photographic quality of the image, only came to be known when the first photograph of the Shroud was taken on 28th May, 1898 by an amateur Italian photographer, Mr. Secondo Pia. This event made world headlines and sparked a flood of interest in the Holy Shroud. From then on, many scientific studies and experiments were conducted, using the most sophisticated of instruments. For more on the Scientific Studies on the Shroud of Turin, Please visit www.PhotoofJesus.Com

All our Popes believe the Shroud image is the Real Picture of JESUS

All our recent Popes have repeatedly asked us to venerate the 'Holy face of Jesus'. Their quotes regarding the Holy Shroud Image of Jesus are given further down. In the picture below, you can see Pope Benedict XVI praying before the Holy Shroud, during the May, 2010 Shroud Exposition in Turin. The Shroud is fully stretched out inside an inert gas filled, bullet proof glass frame. The Shroud is 1.1 Meter wide and 4.4 Meters long (3.6 x 14.4 feet).

Our present Pope Benedict the 16th praying before the fully stretched out Shroud when he visited Turin in May 2010

The 'Holy face of Jesus' picture, the holiest of all Jesus Pictures, has been venerated by Saints like St. Francis DeSales, St. John Don Bosco, Pope Saint Pius X and revealed by miraculous visions to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (Little Flower) and to Blessed Sister Maria Pierina De Micheli (beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on May 30, 2010). All these holy souls believed and venerated the image on the Shroud as the true picture of Jesus. The image on the Shroud of Turin is often referred to as an 'acheiropoieta' which means “not made by hands” or in other words, a miraculous image

What Our Popes say about the Pictures of Jesus Images on the Shroud of Turin

Leo XIII (Pope from 1878 to 1903) declared that the image of The Holy Shroud, with its undeniable revelation of the true likeness of Christ was a providential event and "a means well-adapted in our time to stimulate everywhere a revival of the religious spirit."

St. Pius X (Pope from 1903 to 1914) referred to the photograph as the "true image of The Holy Shroud" and declared that it can be a very effective aid in meditating on the Passion and Death of our Divine Savior. St. Pius X expressed the desire that this image be published and seen around the world and venerated in every Christian family. He recommended it to all bishops and priests and gave a special blessing to all who propagate the image and devotion to Jesus Christ pictured on the Holy Shroud.

Pius XII (Pope from 1939 to 1958) approved the medal of the Holy Face of Jesus, produced by Blessed Sister Maria Pierina De Micheli based on the image on the Shroud of Turin. He also declared the Feast of the Holy Face of Jesus as Shrove Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) for all Roman Catholics. The Pope asked the faithful to spread knowledge and veneration of so great and sacred a relic.

John XXIII (Pope from 1958 to 1963) on seeing the relic, said, "This can only be the Lord's doing... There we see the finger of God."

Paul VI (Pope from 1963 to 1978) added these words: "The Holy Face of Jesus printed on The Holy Shroud of Turin appeared to us so true, so profound, so human and divine, that we admired and loved it like no other image..."

John Paul II (Pope from 1978 to 2005) said "The Holy Shroud is the most splendid relic of the Passion and Resurrection [of Our Lord Jesus Christ]. We become what we contemplate... Why don't we contemplate the Icon of Icons: The Holy Face of Jesus!" Instead of icons made by man, let us venerate the greatest icon of all: The Holy Face of Jesus!
Pope John Paul II showed himself to be deeply moved by the image of the Shroud and arranged for public showings in 1998 and in 2000. In his address at the Turin Cathedral on Sunday May 24, 1998 (the occasion of the 100th year of Secondo Pia's May 28, 1898 photograph), he said "The Shroud is an image of God's love as well as of human sin ... The imprint left by the tortured body of the Crucified One, which attests to the tremendous human capacity for causing pain and death to one's fellow man, stands as an icon of the suffering of the innocent in every age."

Pope Benedict XVI (Pope from 19 April 2005) Our present Pope, in 2000, while he was just Cardinal Ratzinger, wrote that the Shroud of Turin is "a truly mysterious image, which no human artistry was capable of producing. In some inexplicable way, it appeared imprinted upon cloth and claimed to show the true face of Christ, the crucified and risen Lord."
When Pope Benedict XVI visited the Shroud Exposition in 2010 he described the Shroud of Turin as an "extraordinary Icon", the "Icon of Holy Saturday, corresponding in every way to what the Gospels tell us of Jesus", "an Icon written in blood, the blood of a man who was scourged, crowned with thorns, crucified and whose right side was pierced". In the same speech, he said that the Holy Shroud "---once wrapped the remains of a crucified man in full correspondence with what the Gospels tell us of Jesus.”
On May 30, 2010 Pope Benedict XVI beatified Sister Maria Pierina De Micheli who coined the Holy Face Medal, based on Secondo Pia's photograph of the Shroud.

Most researched piece of cloth in the history of mankind

This burial cloth or Shroud of Jesus is the most researched piece of cloth in the history of mankind, and so far, no one, not even some of the most eminent scientists on earth, have been able to come up with a theory as to how, a perfect negative image of a man, got to be imprinted on an ancient piece of linen cloth. Many believe that this is a miraculous image of Jesus, which got imprinted onto his burial shroud, when he resurrected in a burst of light.

The burial cloth of Jesus had been kept hidden, for most of the time, during the 2000 years of its history, for the safety and protection of this most holy relic. Since the year 1578, the holy Shroud is preserved with utmost care in the Royal Chapel of the ex-kings of Italy, in the city of Turin. Since the holy Shroud is preserved and kept in the Royal Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, Italy, it is commonly referred to as the 'Shroud of Turin' or the 'Turin Shroud'.

Modern day scientists still have no explanation as to how this perfect, life sized, negative (lights reversed) photo of a crucified man could be imprinted on an ancient linen cloth. Many have tried to duplicate the Holy Shroud, but their crude replicas were just that, crude replicas. These publicity mongers got their minute of glory when, as usual, the news media grabbed them to make headlines.

Carbon dating done in 1988, dated the Shroud to be between the years 1290 and 1360. This carbon dating is now known to have been corrupted and wrong, since the small, almost stamp sized, samples used for the carbon dating, came from one of the corners of the Shroud. During the centauries that the shroud was exhibited, it was held or hung by the corners of the Shroud and hence got damaged. Repairs were done on all the damaged corners during the middle ages, using a process called invisible weaving or darning. The sample for the Carbon dating was taken from one of these corners, and since these were the repaired corners of the Shroud, the result of the Carbon dating was not correct.

Post Script

As mentioned before, the Shroud of Turin is the most researched piece of cloth in the history of mankind. Advanced scientific studies on the Shroud have brought out more mysteries than it has been able to solve. For example, scientists discovered that the Shroud image has no shadows. This is amazing, since in a normal photograph, light, either sunlight or the light from a camera flash, bounces off (reflects) from the subject being photographed. So, there are always some shadows recorded on any photograph, because light bounces off unevenly from a subject. On the Shroud image there are no shadows, which means there is no evidence of any light being reflected. The only possible explanation is that the light originated from the subject. This gives credence to the thought that Jesus resurrected with a strong burst of light which miraculously imprinted his perfect photographic image on the Shroud of Turin.

Many more such strange phenomena emerged during advanced scientific studies, like that the image on the Shroud has digital information capable of rendering a 3D image on a NASA (the US space agency, which made men walk on the moon) instrument called the VP-8. No other ordinary photograph has given a 3D result on this instrument. There are many more such cases, where advanced scientific studies on the Shroud has brought out more mysteries. Most of the eminent scientists, who conducted these experiments, actually started out believing that the Shroud of Turin was a fake. But many of them are now the most vociferous supporters of the Shroud being the genuine burial cloth of Jesus, and that the image thereon, is a miraculous picture of Jesus Christ.

Post Script - 2

Veronica: There is no reference to a person called Veronica anywhere in the Bible. The story of Veronica is celebrated by Catholics in the sixth Station of the Way of the Cross, where a woman called Veronica wipes the face of Jesus with a piece of cloth and the true image of Jesus is imprinted on that cloth.

Many eminent scholars believe that there was actually no person called Veronica, and that the popular belief of 'The Veil of Veronica' actually refers to the miraculous image of Jesus on the Holy Shroud of Turin. The name "Veronica" is believed to have originated from the Greek words 'Vera Icona' with the meaning 'true image' in English. The Bible and the writings during the time of Jesus were mostly written in Greek, the popular scholarly language during those times. Because of the similarity of the Greek words 'Vera Icona' and 'Veronica', many scholars believe that with the passage of time, the story of a veil of Veronica emerged instead of the original 'Vera Icona' or the true image of Jesus on his burial cloth, The Shroud of Turin.

Post Script-3

One fails to understand why it is so rare to see the Shroud Jesus Face picture, the actual Picture of Jesus, in our Churches. This is the picture which was, and is, venerated by our Saints and our Popes. We have been explicitly asked by our Popes to venerate and propagate devotion to 'The Holy Face of Jesus'. There is even a 'Holy Face of Jesus' feast day in the Catholic Calender - on the Tuesday, one day before Ash Wednesday.

But, have you ever seen a picture of 'The Holy face of Jesus' in any of our Churches ??? If you have, then you are one of the lucky very few !!

Our Church Authorities should not ignore the words of our late Pope John Paul the II, who in all probability will be a Saint soon. He said "Why don't we contemplate the Icon of Icons: The Holy Face of Jesus!, Instead of icons made by man, let us venerate the greatest icon of all: The Holy Face of Jesus!"

We, the faithful, must try to convince our priests to follow the many Papal directives to venerate and propagate the belief in the real 'Holy Face of Jesus', instead of venerating the many Pics of Jesus made by unknown artists. Why pray to Pics of Jesus made by unknown artists, when our Popes have asked us to venerate the Holy Face of Jesus Image, the Actual Jesus Picture from Image Jesus left on his Shroud, The Turin Shroud

The True Picture of Jesus in Church

Every Church must display the 'Real Picture of Jesus', the 'Holy Face of Jesus' from the Shroud of Turin rather than the many Pictures of Jesus Christ which are just from the imagination of Artists.

One welcome change witnessed in recent times, is the placing of the Holy Shroud picture above the Statue of Our Lady of Health in Velankanny (India), after that disastrous tsunami washed away many devotees during an early morning mass.

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